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Spontaneous-Imaginative-Expressive Art Workshops
with Nasrin Golden

London UK Time

16:00 - 17:00

 September 18 - October 23

Online Art Workshop

Intercultural Roots Presents

Full Description:

In this series of art workshops you will explore authenticity. You will be guided to make art in a safe, non-judgmental environment. You will learn to let go of limitations or creative blocks and allow yourself to create freely. The result is to experience joy. You will be able to have fun while you will learn to be expressive, spontaneous and imaginative. At the end of these sessions you will be less concerned about the images you are creating (result) but will be totally immersed in the process itself.
These workshops are designed for all levels. You don’t need to be an artist. Even if you have never drawn a line before, you can join me. In these workshops I will give you simple tools to liberate your creative potential and make art freely. We will draw, paint and journal together. While we are using these techniques we will work with our emotions. But remember you don’t need any prior skill. 

Bring your own art material: 
Pen, pencil, papers and your choice of colouring. Whatever you are comfortable with (acrylic, colouring pencil, colouring marker, crayons, watercolour). Brush if you want to use acrylic or watercolour). Nothing fancy needed. 

Session 1: Letting go of outcomes and immersing yourself in the joy of the creative process
This session is all about how to allow ourselves to enjoy the process of art making. We will explore what is stopping us from creating by shining a light on our ‘inner-critic’ voices. Then, we quiet that voice simply by bringing more awareness to it. The inner critic is strongest when unexamined. The simple act of acknowledging it allows us to more easily get into flow and bring playfulness to our creation. This means we let go of outcomes.

Session 2: Creating and getting in touch with your emotions.
In this session we work with our positive and negative emotions. We explore how one can allow all emotions to be there without necessarily needing to change or fix them. We also focus on feeling the resistance to the emotion and also permitting that to be there. We learn to make peace with our emotions. The ultimate goal here is to drop any agenda to what should be happening in the inner space. 

Session 3: Persona/shadow work 
This session is all about inner-conflict and indecisiveness. When we can’t make decisions we are not able to be happy or even focus on a task. Here, we work on our persona/shadow to understand why we identify with one side more than the other. Peace can be found when we remove identification. 

Session 4: Knowing who you are and how this can be investigated by looking at the world around us
In this session we work on what it means to be expressive and authentic. We work on how our projections shape our sense of reality. We examine a series of everyday objects and explore how we see them and whether our perceptions are as neutral as we might think.

Session 5: Integrating meditative awareness into the art making process 
This session is about exploring potential ways to experience a meditative or contemplative state of mind through artistic means. Each person may find novel or unique ways to enter this state (suggestions are provided). They are typically simple and repetitive in nature.
Through a meditative state, we can be very creative. The mind’s eye can become the focus. This may take you to unexpected or unexplored places (unconscious mind). You learn to relax. It is all about feeling good and creating from that space.

Session 6: Be expressive, spontaneous and imaginative
This session is all about surprises, having fun, letting go of control and being free.  We integrate all we have learned and experienced in our earlier sessions. However, we take off the training wheels and create without structure or objectives.

Takeaway Benefits:

* You will obtain creative tools to help liberate your creative potential
* A deeper appreciation of the spectrum of emotions in the creative process
* Release tension and stress
* Nurture self love
* Resolve inner conflict
* Learn methods to silence the inner-critic
* Harness the power of your imagination to be creative
* Simple relaxation techniques that induce creativity
* How to quiet the rational mind during the creative process 
* How to question attachments to outcome

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