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Body work session

Nasrin is a certified Inner Reconciliation® facilitator, trained by GP Walsh. Her focus is on bringing awareness within, working with emotions and thoughts that stop you from accessing  your full potential.

My Approach

Wendy Fry

Thank you for the beautiful six weeks Spontaneous Imaginative Expressive Art Workshop.  Attending this course has helped me accept and begin to release some personal trauma.  After fifteen months of experiencing domestic violence, being signed off from working and being recently diagnosed with PTSD, you have helped me reframe ‘I am not broken’ by the trauma. I still have the essential essence of self.  


Creating spontaneous art through meditation and journaling has helped me express the pain trapped inside and reconnect with the joy of life differently. I have benefited from not only the workshop but also the connection with your kind and loving nature and the feeling of being held with a group of like-minded women supporting and sharing their art and their hearts. Thank you for being you.

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