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Healing Heartistry is a series of blog posts and podcasts related to Healing, Authenticity and Art.

In these series we explore:


  • How to find spiritual direction, wisdom and healing through making art

  • Integrating meditative awareness into the art making process 

  • What is non-judgmental art

  • Inner exploration 

  • Self- transcendence 

  • Authenticity 

  • Greater sense of acceptance in yourself and others

  • Surrendering  and letting go of control through drawing

  • Direct experiences of connecting to divine

Hi, This is Nasrin!

I'm the founder of Healing Heartistry.

This site invites you to be expressive, free, spontaneous, and non-judgmental in your creative process. Cultivating authenticity in my own artistic practice has been my obsession for many years now. I have seen many benefits of being creative and artistic in my life. This has been the case, not only in terms of my artistic work, but also my emotional, psychological and spiritual development. So, a big welcome and thanks for being here. If you'd like to learn more about my artistic work, you can visit my website:

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