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The importance of being spontaneous

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Being compassionate and loving toward ourselves means that we are paying attention to our emotional needs. Spontaneity is one of our needs. We all have some level of structure and responsibility in our lives. But spontaneity gives us a sense of freedom. Here, we can do whatever we feel like doing.

Spontaneity is about desire and freedom, without judgment or expectation of a specific outcome.

Be spontaneous:

Let me share with you what happened on Saturday morning. I was thinking about what I really want to do with my day. I wanted to have a creative fun day without any structure or specific goal. Connecting with Mother Nature is one of my emotional needs. Without it, I inevitably find I am out of balance. Gardening was an option. But I wanted something more than planting.

I have this piece of artwork I created for an exhibition in 2019. Considering its size and weight, storing it seemed problematic. I intuitively had an impulse to do something with that piece. I like the idea of creating something new from something old.

This piece is made of 240 square blocks, on MDF surface (85 x 140 Cm). I could reuse the squares by filling them with soil, I thought.

Soil, seeds, water

So, I poured soil into each square. I felt the soil and got excited. I was present with the process. The squares were no longer empty. The texture of my work changed. A sense of smell was added to it. Its color also shifted. The work was alive.

After filling all the squares with soil, I start planting the sprouts and seeds. Broccoli, beetroot, fennel, cauliflower, artichoke, paper and leek… different shapes, different sizes and different life forms. The whole process was joyful.

The last element was water. Pure and feminine. That loud inner critic voice in my head was gone.

A sense of connection, creation, excitement and being present throughout the process brought peace to my day.

Life consists of little moments

Life without desire is empty. When we love what we do, we create a flow. Some call it being in the zone. Imagine an everyday, busy life full of responsibility without paying attention to our other needs.

I learned that day to honour and listen to my authentic inner voice and desire. If I ignore the need for spontaneity I simply create more inner conflict.

If you would like to know more about your own emotional needs I suggest you read the free eBook ‘‘Forget Happiness" by Dr. David Maloney:


Be present with what you do

Listen to your desire

Bring spontaneity to your everyday life

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